Sell with Confidence

Your home is unique, and it takes a focused marketing approach to attract and educate the best buyers for your lakefront property.

  • Registered Buyer List

    80% of our sales are made with someone already on our registered buyer list! 
    With thousands of buyers looking for a lake home, you'll sell your home faster and with a lower commission fee.  Our buyers come to us because we are nationally recognized as THE realtors for selling lakefront property.

  • Lakefront Knowledge

    Enjoying the lakefront lifestyle ourselves, we're able to fully educate and inform potential buyers on the lake home they are considering.  

  • Experience

    Since we ONLY sell lake homes, we're thoroughly experienced on finding buyers for your lake house.  With virtual tours, panoramic photos, and dedicated web pages for your property, we have plenty of tools at our disposal to make selling your home easier.

  • Property Knowledge

    We make sure to learn as much as we can about your property before showing it to potential buyers.  Understanding the particular features that make your home attractive is important to us so we can present it in the best way possible.

  • Accompanied Showings

    As your personal lake real estate agent, I will accompany potential buyers to show your home.  Answering their questions in real-time and being able to physically exhibit the benefits of your lake home make it easier to sell your property, and make it a faster process.

  • Communication

    By phone, text message, email, and more, we take every opportunity to be easily and readily available for you and your potential buyers.  All transaction documents will be provided in PDF format for your records, as well.


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